Black ice a threat over the weekend

- SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC4 News) – Everywhere you look across the Salt Lake Valley you see white, but what you don’t see is black ice potentially forming on streets and highways.

Drivers know how dangerous it can be.

“You can’t see it and it’s really dangerous,” Alivia Larson said. “You hit a patch and then you’re out of control.”

Patches of black ice are likely to form on bridges and highways Friday night and through the weekend.

If you lose control of your car, do not slam on the brakes.

“The hardest part is remembering to turn into the curve,” Melissa Mendelson said. “If you remember that it will help you avoid those problems.”

Mendelson just moved to Salt Lake from the mid West and is looking forward to the winter weather.

However, as thick sheets of snow keep falling the threat of accidents will rise. There were over two dozens accidents in the Salt Lake Valley Friday.

Another tip is to winterize your car by installing working windshield wipers, snow tires and lights.

“You never know who is in the other car next to you so be careful,” Peter Leavitt, a father, added.

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