Beloved family pet shot dead in Kearns

- KEARNS, Utah (ABC 4 News) – A family said their beloved family dog was shot dead by a neighbor who walked by their home.

The incident happened on the 5144 West Silver Tip Drive (5450 South) Thursday evening.

Lene Nonu said his American pit bull, Hulk, was on their front lawn. Hulk ran toward the neighbor and his dog as they approached Nonu’s house.

The neighbor allegedly pulled a handgun and shot Hulk, killing the dog on the street.

“It really hurts me and there’s nothing I can do because he is gone,” Nonu said.

Sooga Nonu, Lene’s wife, said the man did not try to yell or tell Hulk to stop running.

Unified Police said the man who pulled the trigger will likely not face charges. A spokesman said the man claimed to hit the dog with the gun, but it accidentally went off. They said it is easy to have a finger slip on the trigger if people do not know how to handle firearms properly.

The family isn’t satisfied with the investigation. They want a change to Utah’s concealed firearms law.

They now only have memories of Hulk that was a beloved family pet for over 10 years.

“I lost my dog,” Nonu said. “He was my best friend.”

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