Alpine homeowners fear dangers of new subdivison

ALPINE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah)- A Utah county developer wants to build a new subdivision near Alpine. But people who live nearby say that'll just put more homes and people at risk. It's near the neighborhood where the Quail Fire burned in July 2012. Now a petition is going around the Box Elder Neighborhood to prevent this development. 

You'll remember the flames from the Quail Fire. Homes were saved but all vegetation gone leaving burn scars making the area susceptible to flooding. And it happened in summer and fall of this year. 

"It was intense floods and debris, trees, rocks," said Alpine Box Elder neighborhood homeowner Gil Greer. 

Gushing waters destroyed homes and properties. Homeowner Gil Greer says just 600 feet from his front steps, potentially a new subdivision. The developer plans to put a new berm or dam next to the mountain to prevent new flooding. But Greer argues it'll be the same old problems. 

"So when everything comes off the mountain through the wilderness area and up to their land, they think they can protect the homeowners. And if it overflows it will go back into Lambert Park and cause more destruction in Lambert," said Greer. 

Greer wants a geologist, not associated with the developer, to check out the area and rule if its okay to build. 

"What if they can't retain the water? What if they can't save the neighborhood? What if children are outside playing? Is it going to take a loss of human life?," asks Greer. 

Greer says traffic control will cause yet another issue. There's only one narrow road into the area and a new subdivision would mean 50 more homes. 

"If the developer is willing to develop it properly and they're willing to warranty there aren't going to be any problems, I'm sure we could all work with them," said Greer. 

We called Patterson Construction to get their side of this proposal. The developer declined to talk with ABC 4 Utah. A representative only, said that all questions will be answered at the Utah County Planning Commission meeting Tuesday at 5:30pm at the Utah County Administration Building. 

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