Air quality concerns loom over summer months

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah)- During the winter months, the inversion lingers over the Wasatch Front.  There's also an air quality danger during the summer.

"With ozone you can't see it so that's why you have to rely on the monitors," said DAQ Director Bryce Bird.

And the monitors tells us three things contribute to ground level ozone including emmissions.  Driver Tori Mapu thinks about it year round.

"Just because it's not cloudy and looming in the valley doesn't mean it's not there," said Mapu.

One driver at a time, Mapu believes Utah can continue to improve its air quality troubles.

"Me and my husband car pool. We have two cars, but he just works a little bit from where I do. So I drop him off and then I pick him up after work," said Mapu.

That's exactly what TravelWise Alerts want other drivers to do.  You'll see them throughout the summer on major highways giving you simple reminders.

But it's not just you.  The DAQ just submitted a proposal to limit wood burning stoves for businesses.  Similar restrictions exist for homeowners already.

"We're trying to figure out who those businesses are and how we can reduce that especially when the inversion is in place," said Bryce Bird.

And now, the oil and gas industry are under the microscope.

"We're proposing regulations for the oil and gas industry looking at some equipment that was designed to leak emissions of methane and other gases," said Bryce Bird.

Click here to find an app you can download to keep track of air quality measures from day-to-day.

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