ABC 4 gets behind-the-scenes look at DWTS set makeover

- HOLLYWOOD (ABC 4 News) - Kim Fischer takes us inside the new "Dancing with the Stars" stage and finds out what the dancers think of the new look.

"When we first saw the set, the magnitude, the size of it is amazing," said Karina Smirnoff.

The most obvious change is that the new stage is much bigger and has more seating.

"You feel like you're dancing in the theater. You're performing in front of a lot of people in the ballroom, but then you know a lot of people are also watching," said Smirnoff.

But Smirnoff is most excited about the fact that she can use more props.

"And you can utilize the stairs, the stage, the stairs that open up right above the orchestra so it's definitely an amazing place to dance at,” said Smirnoff.

Chelsea Hightower says that although she misses the intimacy of the old stage, she cannot beat the fact that the sky boxes are now right in the middle of the audience. Instead of sitting back in a red room, the performers can now interact during the show.

“It's fun to be able to interact with the audience that way, we used to be stuck back into a red room and you didn't get that interaction during the show,” said Chelsea Hightower.

The only change Hightower would make would be to have an elevator to more easily reach the top of the stairs.

"It's way at the top of the stairs which is actually highly inconvenient when you just got done dancing a dance and you're completely out of breath and you have to walk up the stairs."

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