How to create wealth with real estate

George Morris, CEO of CENTURY 21 Everest Realty Group and John Hunter, Top Producing Sales Agent and leader of The John Hunter Real Estate Group share their thoughts on creating wealth with real estate. 

1. Strategic buying and selling

  • Begin with the end in mind. What is the underlying long-term goal?
  • Common mistake is people only focus on the short term desire to buy or sell
  • Be strategic. If you’re a first time homebuyer, view the purchase as your first step in creating wealth.
  • Consider areas, price points, etc. that maximize your potential for equity.
  • Understand tax liability before you sell an income property.
  • Primary residence: Be strategic about maximizing your equity. A real estate agent can guide you about simple things you can do to raise the value of your home and not sell your equity short.

2. How to maximize both sides of a transaction: buying or selling

  • Buying: Be prepared! Make sure you are fully approved and qualified and have clarity on what you want.
  • Drive to the houses. Do not just look online. Photos can be deceiving.
  • Go to each property for sale in any given neighborhood you’re interested in.
  • Selling: Every home has something to hang its hat on. A qualified real estate professional can find the comparables that have the same features and price your home accordingly.

3. Your primary residence is an investment:

  • Your home is an investment so let’s maximize that investment. A real estate professional can share with you the areas that are going to have a micro burst of appreciation and accelerate your equity.

Buyer Beware: Discount agents and brokerages don’t always have your back. Many of them make their money when your house doesn’t sell and you keep paying fees.

A qualified real estate professional can often negotiate a higher price and you will net more even after you pay a commission. Bottom line is: you need a professional to maximize your equity.

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