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Finding the perfect home and care giving for your loved one can be difficult. Jason Mendenhall, an assisted living expert with Utah Senior Care Advisors, answers all the questions that you could have regarding assisted living.

Mendenhall has been in the business of assisted living since he was a young boy. In fact his family created one of the first assisted living companies out of their home when they couldn't find suitable living arrangements for his great grandmother. His mother was the full time care give to six sweet ladies and the residents themselves used to babysit him. 

Over the years Jason gained knowledge and experience in all the aspects of care giving allowing him to cater to all the needs of his residents. Watch the clip in order to learn how USCA can assure the best care and seamless transition of your loved one through their experience and knowledge of the surrounding assisted living communities.

To learn more about the Utah Senior Care Advisors visit their website at or their Facebook page. 

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