Apex Dental wants to spotlight your company's service

At Apex, they believe businesses are created for two reasons. To make a difference and to make a profit. The profit, in turn, allows the business to create a bigger difference. For Apex, making a difference means contributing a positive impact on those around them, through various patient and community events they host throughout the year. As a company focused on dentistry, these events often focus around improving the dental health and hygiene of individuals in the community. While making a difference for Apex is related to dentistry through things like their free dental day, while still contributing to some charities that are near and dear to them. They realize that different businesses reinvest in the community in different ways.

That’s why they are starting their Business – Community Spotlight; an opportunity to hear the amazing stories of local Utah businesses making a difference in their communities. They want to hear about what your organization, or people within your company, are doing to change and improve the lives of those around you. 

You can submit your stories and events on their website at www.apexfamilydental.com/business-comunity

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