4 reasons trays make decorating easy

Is there a blank space in your home that feels a bit empty? If so, don't worry, adding a tray may be just the right decoration you need. 

Jordan Robinson from Rod Works shared four reasons why she loves to decorate with trays, to add a fresh, new feel to an empty space. 

1. They are so easy to decorate.

  • They do not take a lot to make them look complete
  • Try to incorporate at least 3-5 items
  • Odd numbers are a great rule of thumb when it comes to decorating

2. They look great from all angles.

  • This makes them the perfect centerpiece for a dining room table, coffee table, entryway table

3. They are the perfect addition to any room in your home.

  • They are great on kitchen and bathroom counters, kitchen islands, and living and dining areas

4. They are easy to move around.

  • No matter where your tray may be placed, you always have the option to quickly move it around if needed

Jordan suggests finding different colors, textures, metals and woods to add a fun twist to your style of decorating. Adding a touch of greenery to them is also a must!

Rod works does a tray giveaway at the first of every month. Visit their Facebook page: RodWorksHomeDecor to enter!

Visit rodworks.com for store locations and decorating ideas.

This story includes sponsored content. 

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