10 steps to creating the perfect bow

Jordan Robinson from Rod Works demonstrates how to make the perfect bow, step by step. 

1. Come in with a color combination, season, or holiday in mind.

2. Pick out 5 different patterns of ribbon.

3. 1 pattern of ribbon or jute should be 2 yards in length.

4. The other 4 patterns of ribbon need to be 1 yard in length.

5. Tie your first piece of ribbon or jute around the wreath (this is the 2 yd. in length piece).

6. Then take each 1 yd. piece and accordion fold it back and forth, 4 times. If the ribbon only has a pattern on one side, you will need to fold and twist the ribbon to keep the pattern facing outward.

7. Once you have laid each folded piece onto the wreath, take the two ends of the 1st ribbon and tie a knot around the combination of ribbons.

8. Then tie a regular shoe lace/ bunny ear bow.

9. Once you have it all tied together, fluff out the ribbons.

10. Voila!! You have a big beautiful bow.

There are many different ways to tie a bow. But this by far has been our most popular and successful way of tying it! This bow tutorial came from Amy Smith, their manager at their Layton, UT location. 

If you are having trouble coming up with a color combination or idea, Rod Works can help you come up with something great that you'll love. If bow tying just isn't for you, bring in your wreath or item you want a bow on and they will do the work for you.

Visit www.rodworks.com for store locations and decorating ideas. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for the latest in decorating trends. And use their hashtag #myrodworkshometo be featured on their feed!

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