Lunch Recipe Six: Mango Jalapeno Quinoa Salad

Mango Jalapeno Quinoa Salad

•1 cup quinoa
•1 cup snap peas
•½ cup cashews
•4 spring onions
•2 mangoes
•1 jalapeno
•1/3 cup olive oil
•1-2 limes

1.Bring a large pot of water to a boil (follow directions on the bag of quinoa to find out exactly how much water it calls for) typically, you double amount of water to quinoa
2.While the quinoa is cooking, prepare the rest of the ingredients: pinch the stems off the snap peas, chop the cashews, slice the green onions, dice the mango and deseed and chop the jalapeños
3.Once cooked, drain the quinoa and place in a bowl. Add snap peas, cashews, green onions, mango and jalapeno. Squeeze a lime over the mixture, drizzle honey, add salt and pepper to taste and toss and serve
*Add chicken or shrimp if you need some meat

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