Grilled Pork Belly and Blue Cheese Sandwich

Published 05/21 2014 10:55AM

Updated 05/21 2014 12:32PM

If you want to shake up your regular old grilled cheese sandwich we have the recipe for you!

Pork Belly and Blue Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  • 2 ea. Sliced Bread Of Your Choice
  • 1oz Butter (optional)
  • 3oz Uncured Pork Belly
  • 3oz of Your Favorite Blue Cheese (Roquefort, Danish Blue, Gorgonzola, Maytag Blue)
  • Half a Small Yellow Onion
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Season the Pork Belly
  • Slice your Onion Thinly into Rings or Long Jullienne, Season Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper.
  • In the Small Pan Sear and Cook Thru the Pork Belly, and Set Aside.
  • Lightly Butter Slices of Bread and Sear Both Sides Nice and Toasted. Set Aside
  • Slice Pork Belly and lay on Bread Slices and Placing back into Large Pan.
  • In Small Pan Cook Onions Until Translucent or Cook Slowly to Caramelized.
  • Add the Blue Cheese Slice or Crumbles on Top of the Cooking Onions.
  • Quickly as the Cheese Begins to Melt, Pour Cheese and Onion Mixture on the Pork Belly then Unite Both slices of Bread with All the Ingredients Inside.
  • Lightly Press on Grilled Sandwich to Get Them to Stick.
  • Cut at an Angle Creating Two Triangles.
  • Eat and Enjoy!

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