Dinner Recipe Two: Grapeseed Oil Chicken

This chicken dish is so easy to make, all you do is add a few ingredients to a baking dish and let the oven do all the work for you!

Grapeseed Oil and Quinoa Chicken

•4 chicken breasts
•Large baking dish
•Grapeseed oil
•1 cup red quinoa
•Herbs de provence (made up of dried savory, rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, marjoram and fennel seed)

1.Rinse chicken breasts and place in the baking dish
2.Pour an inch of grapeseed oil into the baking dish
3.Spread red quinoa throughout the dish
4.Top chicken breasts with herbs de provence
5.Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 1 hour

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