Breakfast Recipe Five: Tomato and Ricotta Breakfast Sandwhich

Breakfast can get repetitive with the traditional egg and bacon plate. Change it up with some tomatoes and ricotta cheese!

Tomato and Ricotta Breakfast Sandwich


•2 slices of whole-wheat toast
•1 egg
•¼ cup low fat ricotta cheese
•1/3 cup spinach
•½ tomato sliced
•Fresh basil
• 1 tsp olive oil
•Coarse salt and ground pepper


1.Fry an egg as desired
2.Toast sliced bread
3.Lightly wilt spinach in a small frying pan with olive oil
4.Spread ricotta cheese on one slice of toast and top with salt and pepper
5.Then add spinach on top of the ricotta
6.Top with sliced tomatoes and basil
7.Add fried egg and sprinkle with salt and pepper
8.Add the second slice of toast (or skip the carbs and make it an open-faced sandwich!)

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