Avocado Toast with Lemony Kale

Elle Griffin shared one of her signature recipes, avocado toast with lemony kale. For more recipes visit ellegriffin.com or find her on Instagram: @msellegriffin.

Avocado Toast with Lemony Kale

1. Toast one slice of Kim & Jake's Gluten-Free/Vegan Bread. Spread half an avocado over it.

2. Fill the bottom of a non-stick frying pan with loads of (de-stemmed) kale. Then add a swirl of olive oil and enough water to keep everything pretty wet (so the leaves don’t stick to the pan). Pour a lot of garlic granules and onion granules over the top of it (granules are a must, powder just won’t cut it), then add red pepper flakes to your liking.

3. Stir everything up (so the leaves are slightly drenched), then turn the heat just above medium and let the leaves simmer (stirring occasionally) until the pan is almost dry and the water has evaporated off. When the kale starts to get a little bit crispy on the edges, squeeze tons lemon over it (like two whole lemons). Once the lemon has evaporated a bit and the kale is slightly crispy again (yet still a little lemon drenched), it’s done!

4. Finish by topping the avocado toast with the lemony kale, and salt and pepper. Voila! Avocado toast with lemony kale. And it's 100% gluten-free and vegan.


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