Why bloggers are so mad at Reese Witherspoon

 - On Good Things Utah today - She's America's sweetheart, but today Reese Witherspoon has a lot of bloggers not feeling too sweet about her. The actress made a comment about bloggers during a recent awards show and now social media is lighting up with complaints. We'll tell you what she said. Plus, speaking of moms, Lauren Conrad just cut her hair because she says it's easier with her new baby. Do you think short hair is part of the "mom uniform"? Or just a sassy way to save time? We discuss. Also, Reagan is feeling grouchy about the holidays this year and she's not alone. Why some people get so stressed during November and December. And finally, Ali has help for all of you out there with the latest i-phone glitch. Talk us through it Ali! Hope you join us this morning for Good Things Utah.

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