What His Facial Hair Says About His Personality

Published 07/25 2014 11:02AM

Updated 07/25 2014 11:07AM

How can you raise kids who aren't jerks? 1. Walk the walk 2. Talk the talk 3. Reward BIG acts of kindness 4. Force them out of comfort zone to teach empathy.

And what does his facial hair say about his personality? 

You keep up with trends.
You like to be in the know.
You probably read Details.

You're a little provocative, and a little defiant.
You don't care about what people are projecting onto you.

Full, Groomed Beard
You are quietly confident.
You are not a peacock.
Showing off is not for you.

Wild and Feral
You're a free spirit.
You don't like rules.
You expect to be asked about your trophy beard

Plus....do you think grocery stores will be willing to fork over thousands of dollars for smart carts that help you make healthier choices at the store? 

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