Wanna Be A Good Boyfriend? Read This List!

 - It's Go Red For Women Day and we are proud to be part of the fight against heart disease!  

 - Speaking of hearts, a man in Houston goes to an elementary school and pays off all of their students' late lunch fees!  He says he was inspired by the story in Utah of students losing their lunches because they didn't have enough money in their accounts. The school says he's a hero and we agree!

 - Plus, baby names that you love but your husband hates?  What made the list???

 - And grab that morning cup of coffee and feel good about it!  Troy has a list of health benefits that coffee drinkers enjoy.

 - And finally, two little girls, inspired by Justin Bieber, write a "good boyfriend" list.  Their mom posted it and now it's gone viral!  Noteworthy tips?  No nose picking... definitely not! 

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