Reagan's son is job shadowing his mom today

 - On Good Things Utah today - Reagan's youngest son is on the show today for his job shadowing experience, so we asked him to give us a 7th grade perspective on our hot topics - and he definitely wasn't shy about weighing in! First, one father has developed an app that actually freezes your child's phone if they don't answer their parents' text. (Gunner says he hates this idea;) Plus, when is it okay to let your child quit a sport or musical instrument? Experts have what to look for if you are trying to make this tough decision at your house. And finally, actress Mandy Moore talks about all the tears on hit show This Is Us. So how does she make herself cry for every episode? We share her trick and what works for all of us! Join us (and Gunner) for these hot topics and so much more this morning on Good Things Utah!

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