Men Are Off The Hook After Town Cancels Valentines Day?

Published 02/14 2014 12:07PM

Updated 02/14 2014 12:57PM

 - Nicea gave her girls a "heart-attack" this morning!  She showed us pictures of a 7 year old tradition that she may start wishing she never started... good job getting up at 5 am!!

 - And what's up in Georgia?  The Sheriff in a town there canceled Valentines Day after all the ice and snow.  Men are thrilled, women say that doesn't let anyone off the hook :)

 - And speaking of LOVE, where is the best city to find it these days?  Spoiler alert, SLC did NOT make the list...

 - Also, Gretchen shares her favorite way to eat Greek yogurt...

 - And should you have more than one baby shower?  Is it tacky for the first, second and third child?  We weigh in!

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