Bridge Cripples Under All the Love

Pont des Arts, a historic bridge in Paris, is a romantic trademark in the city. It's a tradition on that bridge for couples to secure a lock onto along the sides of the bridge and throw the key into the River Seine beneath it. Recently, Pont des Arts crumbled under the weight of all the locks. Officials say they have to find an alternative for these padlocks of love.

72 year old Martha Stewart announces she is looking for someone to love and share her life with. She states, "I'd love to have a more regular male companion."

Plus a public petition for Beyonce and Jay-Z to brush daughter Blue Ivy's hair is in place. Petition creator refers to Blue Ivy's lack of hair care as disturbing and states the baby has been seen with matted dreads and lint balls. Refinery28 is calling this petition a form of online bullying.

JetBlue allegedly forced a 3 year old girl, Summer, to urinate in her seat on the plane. The flight attendant was said to have not let Summer get up to use the bathroom, then she wouldn't let Deveraux, the mother of the 3 year old, stand up to clean the mess. The pilot of the plane referred to Deveraux as a "non-compliant passenger" and said he would be returning the aircraft to the gate for them to be taken by security. Luckily, an off-duty pilot convinced the crew to allow her to remain on the flight. JetBlue says they are investigating the situation.

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