Zombie Processing Station

The Zombie Processing Station is a three day event within SLC Comic Con/FANX. This event is designed to compliment the presence of the cast of AMC's Walking Dead. The goal is to transform Comic Con Patrons into the walking dead then send them to get a photo op with the AMC stars.

The Zombie Processing Station showcases the amazing artists from Syfy's FaceOff and the Jim Henson Creature Shop Challenge. Comic Con patrons come dressed and ready to be transformed into the walking dead by celebrity professionals and Escape Design FX Makeup Artists.

Each patron will be in the makeup chair for 45-60 minutes getting the movie treatment. These would-be zombies can get tips from the artists, photo ops with FaceOff & Creature Shop designers, and more as a part of their purchase. We do, however, make it clear to patrons that these makeup tickets DO NOT include access to the FANX. Anyone purchasing a makeup ticket before the FANX event will also have to purchase a FANX Pass. We are only offering a 140 makeups over the course of three days, so there is a very limited supply.

Our Guest Artists.
  • Russ Adams (Escape Design FX, Jim Henson Creature Shop Challenge)
  • Lex Rudd (Jim Henson Creature Shop Challenge)
  • Ivonne Escoto (Jim Henson Creature Shop Challenge)
  • Rayce Bird (FaceOff )
  • Ian Von Cromer (FaceOff)
  • Marcel Banks (FaceOff)
  • Gage Hubbard (FaceOff)

You can buy tickets HERE or visit them on Facebook 

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