Younger You Preview: MACS Facelift

Tonight on the Younger You, Troy visits Dr. Thompson's office to check out a new kind of facelift -- the MACS facelift. A MACs facelift is less invasive than a normal facelift and mainly focuses on the lower parts of your face. It's still a legitimate facelift and still yields real results, but you are awake for the whole procedure. Dr. Thompson and other plastic surgeons use a local anesthetic to numb the face so you can't feel anything.

If you are unsure if you are a candidate for a MACS facelift, you can sit down with Dr. Thompson and talk about how you feel about your face. Most MACS facelifts are particularly good for people who have early signs of aging. Dr. Thompson will work with you and help fix the problem areas you see when you look at yourself in the mirror. Recovery time is short and there is not a lot of bruising involved.

Find out more about the procedure on The Younger You, tonight on The CW at 9:30 PM. Check out the aftermath of Linda's facelift and learn more about what you can do to look how you feel. You can also catch the show on Saturday right here on ABC4 at 4:30 PM!

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