Younger You Preview: Getting Rid of Acne

Your face is what everyone sees, but what if you have embarrassing acne and acne scars that you just can't get rid of? On tonight's Younger You, Troy takes a look at a new alternative to those harsh chemical peels and every other acne scarring cream on the market -- an acne lift.

An acne lift involves taking a laser to the skin, then using injectables to bring out the scarring, and finally getting a mini face lift to stretch the skin. After this procedure, your skin will not be 100% clear, but Troy says it will be about 80-90% clearer than it was before the acne lift.

According to studies, 85% of all people will have acne at some point in their lives and many women battle acne well into their forties.

Andy, a mother, decided she was sick of dealing with acne at her age so she chose the acne lift. Andy said she struggled with cystic acne for over 20 years and over time her skin has lost its luster and elasticity so the acne scars have become more noticeable.

Remember, an acne lift is not covered by your health insurance, but it is becoming increasingly popular among adults.

To see Andy's end result and learn more about the acne lifts, be sure to tun into the CW tonight at 9:30 PM for The Younger You. If you can't watch it tonight, don't worry, it will be aired again on Saturday right here on ABC 4 at 4:30 PM.

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