Wrap your Christmas Tree in Something Cozy

Amber Packer showed us how to DIY our own tree skirt. If you are looking to have unique Christmas decor, this luxe faux fur tree skirt would be perfect for you. Below you will find the instructions on how to make it. 
  • 50" wide faux fur throw blanket (Home Goods - $16.99)
  • 24" small rope trim or ribbon
  • 4 - 1 ¼" buttons
  • 15 feet rope trim, turquoise (JoAnn's), optional
  • 15 feet feather trim (JoAnn's), optional
  • 15 feet rhinestone trim (Hobby Lobby), optional
Also used:
Matching thread, pins, scissors, sewing machine, scissors, E6000 glue (for rhinestone trim), butcher block paper to make pattern or use an old tree skirt.
  1. Decide the size of skirt you'd like. Generally within a few inches of the width of the tree.
  2. Lay throw flat.
  3. Pin old tree skirt or butcher paper pattern to throw.
  4. To make pattern: Cut square slightly larger than the size your tree skirt will be. You may need to glue two pieces together. Fold in fourths. Tape a string to the inside corner (where all the folds are) and tie the string to a pencil the length of the radius of the skirt. Trace and cut. Do the same for the inside circle, but this string should be about 1 ¼" from the corner to the pencil.
  5. Cut tree skirt. (outside of skirt, inside opening and one line from the outside to inside circles)
  6. Remove throw backing and set aside. To make things easier later, keep face down.
  7. With top layer still facing up, pin any trim along the edge face down and towards the center of the skirt. (Since I layered my trim, I sewed the rope to the feather trim before this step).
  8. Add four 6" pieces of small rope trim or ribbon in a loop along one edge of opening. Space about 6" apart and 1 5/8" from top and bottom edges.
  9. Sew trim pieces to top layer.
  10. Pin bottom layer to top layer rights sides together (top layer facing up with bottom layer on top, facing down.
  11. Sew together, leaving opening, about 8", along straight edge (not the straight edge that has the loops).
  12. Through opening, turn skirt right side out.
  13. Hand stitch opening closed.
  14. Add buttons.
  15. Add rhinestone trim along top of rope trim using glue, if desired.
For more DIY decor ideas, visit Amber's Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts: @amberpacker, or her website www.amberpacker.com .

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