What to do in the first 3 minutes, hours and days of an earthquake

Do you know what to do in the first 3 minutes of an earthquake? Debbie Kent from Store This Not That shared that, plus what to do in the first 3 hours and days as well. 

Earthquakes can be frightening to think about but they are a reality when you live along a fault line. We cannot predict when it will happen but we can be prepared to take care of our family when it does happen.

Earthquake: The First 3 Minutes

  • Do you and your family know what to do when there is an earthquake?
  • Do you know the safest places to be during the shaking?
  • Do you have a “be ready bag” next to your bed?
  • Do you have a family plan to practice?

The rumbling has stopped, at least for the moment. Around you there is dust and debris, cries for help and the electricity is out. Nothing really prepares you to experience a major catastrophe, yet when it happens, your survival instincts kick in. In the still moments right after “IT” hits, you will have only a couple of things on your mind: family and safety. You will focus on the things that matter most to you, putting First Things First. Your areas of priority will include:

  • Family headcount
  • Treating life threatening injuries
  • Grabbing emergency kits
  • Determining safety of surroundings (gas, water, electric, house, neighborhood)
  • Helping others
  • Communication

Earthquake: The First 3 Days

The first three days will probably find most of you in somewhat of a daze. You will need some clothes, shoes and shelter to protect you from the elements and give you some privacy. Clean water, simple food, your medications and some light to see in the very dark night. These circumstances are when your 72-hour kits will come into play. Something else to consider, is your family’s safety, working together with your neighbors and friends will prove invaluable as you help and protect one another

  • Rescuing the trapped
  • Treating the injured
  • Having a safe shelter
  • Personal needs (72 hour kits, food water)
  • Rummaging for keepsakes


For more information visit storethisnotthat.com


Wasatch Fault 7.0 Earthquake projection report:




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