What one high school Youtuber has learned about cyber bullying

Misha is a DIY YouTuber and high school student with thousands of followers and millions of views. She shares her story of cyber bullying and tips on how to stay strong against mean comments. 
She makes videos teaching people how to make fun desserts like waffle cones, lollipops, and caramel. She also teaches people how to make room decorations like wall art, or anything that is made out of recyclable materials. She occasionally tests life hacks to see if they really work.
With an audience of over 150k followers, she gets many people who love and support her channel but she also gets people who don't appreciate it. She will get hate comments that say things like "You are fake and I hate you" or "You don't deserve any of this.". At first it was really hard for her to deal with these comments but she has realized what exactly she needs to do to avoid a rhetorical response. Never get involved or reply as it can only worsen the problem. She always remembers that what you post on the internet will always stay there so you have to be very careful.
Instagram: @diywithmisha
YouTube: DIY With Misha

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