What Does it Mean to be Strong Like You?

One company is shedding light and giving new perspective to the word "strong." Carissa Flinders, Content Marketing Manager of the company Jane, and Matt Butler, Media Production Specialist, said that Jane is all about empowering women. From employees to sellers, Jane fully embodies women. 
Carissa and Matt announced Jane's new campaign, Strong Like You which highlights women around the world. They explained that every woman has a powerful gift within her... immeasurable strength, and this campaign is just a small glimpse of what she’s capable of.
Strong Like You has expanded into a video series that will highlight and empower strong women around the world. They first highlighted Oakley, who created the blog Nothing Down About It. She is spreading awareness about down syndrome and specifically children with down syndrome.
Carissa and Matt heard Oakley's story of strength and hope, thus creating their first #StrongLikeYou video, which can be seen in full length here: youtube.com/watch?v=ftuw9UaJZhY&t=126s.
The next woman featured in their latest video is Kristin. She is a leukemia survivor, but two days after her first child was born, she was told that a mass was found on her brain, the most aggressive form. Doctors gave Kristin a 5% chance of living 15 months. She has now reached her 12 month mark since the news and is a shining example of what it means to be strong and to live in the present moment. 
To learn more about the campagin, visit jane.com/stronglikeyou.

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