Tone Up That Tush

Lil' Jon says to shake what your mama gave ya... we say to tighten up what your mama gave you instead. Get behind these tips that will sculpt the butt of your dreams. Fitness coach, Nick Olsen, shows Nicea four burning moves to fire up your derriere at the gym.


Everybody knows squatting will get them the rear the want, but you may not be targeting the right muscles. Olsen says when you're doing squats, put as much weight into your heels as you can to engage the muscles running up the back of your legs including your booty rather than your quads. Using a squat machine at the gym allows you to add weight and helps your stability while you isolate those key areas.

Leg Presses

Some may think the leg press machine is a time to sit down and relax on a nice padded chair. Pump up the weight and you'll think otherwise. How do you change your form to burn your butt? Olsen says to place your feet at the top of the leg press plate with your toes over the edge. This forces you to use your calves, hamstrings and tush to push away and intake the weight on the machine.


This isn't the time to cheat yourself. When you're doing lunges, you need to get your knee to the ground. Holding free weights will tone and tighten your behind faster than doing more reps with no to light weight. Olsen says to count 1-2 going down and 1-2 coming up and feel the burn.

Sumo Squats

Grab a good-sized kettle bell for this one. Get into a wide squat with your knees and toes slightly turned out while gripping the handle of the kettle bell with both hands in front of you. Dip down slowly until the kettle bell taps the floor and swing it up to hip height. Olsen says to be sure you don't use your lower back to swing the kettle bell. Get momentum with your thighs to bring the weight up.

Add these simple moves to your routine and feel confident year round whether you're in a bikini or your favorite pair of skinny jeans!

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