The Ugliest Wall Makeover

We've all seen pictures in magazines and on Pinterest that we want to duplicate in our own homes, but most of the time they don't turn out how we were hoping. Sara, the winner of the "Rod Works wall makeover", did just that. She worked hard on making this wall what she saw and just didn't quite get there. 

That's where Rod Works comes in. Alexis from Rod Works, says that when trying to re-create a look most people only think of one part, the hard part. They have the frames, the clocks and other items but are missing the soft element. Things like greenery or ribbon really help give a wall the softness that takes the wall up a notch. Color is another piece of the puzzle that sometimes is missing when it comes to decorating a wall. Many people think that the color will come from the pictures inside the frame, however, adding color will make your pictures pop. 

Alexis also says if you have something unsightly on your wall like a thermostat, embrace it. In this wall makeover she framed the thermostat so it would fit in with the rest of the decor. 

If you need help on a wall or any other type of decorating project Rod Works wants to help you! Bring a picture in of the space and the measurements and they'll help you plan it out right then and there.

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