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Six months ago, we sat down with Dr. Rose and asked viewers to nominate someone who needed reconstructive surgery.
The Rose Clinic graciously donated their reconstructive services to the three-year-old who had second and third degree burns and were able to correct the burn scars on her face.

Now, Dr. Rose is with us to talk about some of the other services that his clinic offers. He said the most popular form of cosmetic surgery that he sees is the tummy tuck. A lot of women go to Dr. Rose after having children and want a "Mommy Makeover." Dr. Rose and his associates make sure to remove any extra skin not only in the tummy area, but also on your sides and back.

The Rose Clinic uses a different technique than most other plastic surgery clinics. Dr. Rose has developed a way to make sure there is no scaring around your belly button and he makes sure that you are fully satisfied with the way your body looks after the surgery.

The recovery process after one of Dr. Rose's tummy tucks is usually about two to three weeks to fully feel yourself again. However; you will be limited for about six to eight weeks in areas like exercising and other physical activities.

For more information about The Rose Clinic, visit their website.

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