The End to Put Off Cleaning Projects

Do you find yourself neglecting cleaning projects? We have the solution! Your favorite steam cleaner, Sargent Steam, joined the hosts on the set today to announce a new service division called, “Extremely Clean Service Division.” Give Sargent Steam a call and they will send a team of cleaners into your home to tackle those nasty cleaning projects that you carry around in your head, but never seem to have the courage to start. The list of projects that you can use this service for is never ending, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

•The shower that screams "clean me" every time you step into it
•That dirty oven or grease covered stove hood
•Those dusty window blinds and grime filled window tracks
•The miles of dirty baseboards
•That two colored tile grout / part black and part the original color
•That greasy BBQ Grill
•Car detailing
•Steam clean your motorcycle

Only Sargent Steam provides this service. If you simply cannot find the time or do not have the right tool to handle any of these “selectively neglected" dirty projects call today for your FREE BID at 1 800 SGT STEAM

They have some great summer specials if you are thinking about purchasing your own machine. Purchase your new machine and take your choice of a free white cart, a free accessory kit or a $149.00 discount. Visit their website for more information.

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