The Bre Project

Ryan Brown is an artist here in Utah who asks people in the community to be models for his paintings. When he asked Bre Hatfield to model for him he never imagined all that would come of it.

While painting protraits of Bre she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. He decided that through his paintings he could do more for Bre.

He created The Bre Project which chronicles her courage through cancer and captures her inspirational effect on him as an artist. The hope is to raise money for Bre and her family to help pay for medical costs, and to raise awareness to this specific type of cancer. 

The Bre Project is already underway and Ryan needs your help. He started a kickstarter to raise funds to allow him the time he needs to concetrate his efforts on finalizing these works.These funds will help cover his living expenses as he paints, as well as provide him with the budget necessary to help advertise and promote the exhibition. Some of the funding will also be going towards framing the works and transporting the works to the exhibition space.  It is his hope to share some of the inspiration that Bre has had on him. The impact of the exhibition on others who can be touched by her inspiring story is dependent on how widely he can share Bre's story through these works. Ryan believes that with proper funding, he can effectively spread this project and her story. 

Ryan says, "Through the Bre Project and together with Bre and her family, we hope to shine a light on this type of cancer and help local cancer research centers in their efforts to find a cure. We hope to also raise awareness and funds for others suffering from this same disease." 

To donate visit his kickstarter page:
The Bre Project

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