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The contestants of The Younger You have been working hard at weight loss with the experts at Total Health and Fitness for 12 weeks, and their results are amazing. The 5 contestants had put off losing weight for a long time, but once making the decision to get healthy their weight loss journey has been very successful.  David from total health and fitness has noticed changes in his clients habits and attitudes. One contestant shared that before he was on the show he constantly had aches and pains. Now that he has lost weight he noticed the pain is gone. Another contestant discussed how doing the challenge with her husband motivated her.

David discussed how to avoid slumps in your own weight loss journey -- Getting yourself to feel accountable. A coach can help with this by encouraging you when you are feeling unmotivated. David also talked about food being more important, but only doing one thing will not get you in shape. A lifestyle change is needed in order for real and lasting change to occur. After you see results, you will want to keep going.

For personalized nutrition, exercise, and weight loss programs visit Total Health and Fitness and watch The Younger You Thursdays at 7pm on the CW and Saturdays at 4pm on ABC 4.

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