Road Trip Book Ideas

Published 06/30 2014 11:00AM

Updated 06/30 2014 11:13AM

It's hard to keep you and your kids entertained on those long drives to your vacation. Instead of iPads and iPods to entertain them try reading or listening to books on tape. We have a list of books that will help you find something for everyone.
For the Family: Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark by Pearson. Heading to Disney this summer? What a fun treat for the whole family: a series of books about what happens in Walt Disney World after dark! Maleficent is trying to take over and five teens are chosen to try to save it. If you liked this book, there are many more in the series.

For Girls: Ever After High by Hale. The Evil Queen's daughter, Raven and Snow White's daughter, Apple, are friends at Ever After High where Raven is trying to find a way to not follow in her mother's footsteps. But won't that mess up Apple's happily ever after? There are two books in this series already out (as well as dolls! and cartoons!) and the third one is coming out in August.

For Boys: The Hero's Guide To. . . by Healy. A set of three books follows the adventures of the four Prince Charmings. They have names, and they go on multiple adventures as they become outlaws, storm the castle and save their kingdoms.

For Teens: If I Stay by Forman. In a split second Mia loses her entire family in a car accident. She is able to watch everything that happens to her body as she is sent to the hospital and undergoes multiple surgeries. The decision seems to be hers: should she stay or should she let go? This book was made into a movie and will be released August 22. Be careful with this book. There is a sex scene in it as well as bad language throughout.

For Adults: Gone Girl by Flynn. Five years ago Amy & Nick were very happy as they got married. But the morning of their anniversary, Amy is gone. There is sign of a struggle in the home. But is it staged? Did Nick kill her? Where is Amy? This book is hitting the theaters October 3. Be warned, however, that this is not a clean book as Flynn uses the "F" word liberally throughout the book.

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