Refining Your Shave

        Going to a barber shop is a very pampering experience -- one that is sure to bring feelings of relaxation and renewal for every man. Dayna and Steven, from The Refinery Barber Shop located at Legends in Springville, UT, visited the GTU set today to share some great information about barber shops and shaving. Steven explained the difference between going to a regular hair salon for a haircut and going to a barber shop. Barber shops are a much more pampering experience. Barbers also cut hair in a different way. They use facial steamers, hot lathers, straight razors, and truly focus on the things that will help men feel good and relax. Barbers are often more experienced at tapering and tend to do more of their work free hand. 

        The experts also shared that many men come into a barber shop with skin issues. Steven and Dayna brought the answers to these issues with 5 helpful tips to help improve your at-home shaving experience:

1. Prepare your face for shaving - Hair shafts are like spaghetti noodles. The hair shaft gets softer with heat and moister. To help prepare your face for shaving try placing a hot towel around the the area you want to remove hair from.
2. Scrub the shaving cream - Scrubbing in your shaving cream helps clean and moisturize the area you want to remember to always scrub, and never pat!
3. Shower before you shave
4. Using the right razor - Make sure that whatever razor you choose is clean and sharp. Pushing your razor to its limits and using it when it is dull can result in a less close shave. 
5. Shave with the grain first, then against it.

To get more tips and experience a real barber shop shave for yourself visit
The Refinery Barber Shop 
1715 W 500 S 
Springville, Utah
Dayna (801) 494-7249
Steven (801) 589-7958

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