Red, White, and Blue Garden

Gretchen is outside in our ABC4 garden with Jeff and LaRene from Millcreek Gardens to see what plants you can add to your garden to add some 4th of July flare. With Independence Day tomorrow, we want to have fun with patriotic colors in the midst of your green garden.

Red and white flowers are pretty simple to find, but sometimes blue can be a bit tricky. Red gives a pop of action and attention in planting. Some examples of red flowers from Millcreek Garden include:
  • Ivy Geranium “Dark Red Blizzard” – This trailing plant provides summers blooms all summer and is self- cleaning and easy to take care of and likes the heat.
  • Pentas “Graffiti Lipstick” – This annual features exquisite clusters of starry red flowers that bloom abundantly on compact upright plants.
  • Fountain Grass “rubrum” – Color doesn’t have to come just from flowers. The foliage of this red fountain grass provides movement and variety in the garden.

White evokes a peaceful rest and the contrast actually brings out colors placed next to it. You can choose from a variety of white flowers including:
  • Shasta Daisy “Snowcap - This time tested white flowering perennial gets about 14 inches might and 12 inches wide. It flowers through the summer with deadheading and can be position in sun to part shade.
  • Physotegia/Obedient Plant “Virginia Miss Manners” – This clumping plants blooms from summer to fall with beautiful white spire flowers. You can move these flowers and they will stay in place.
  • Hydrangea “Strawberry Sundae” – This fantastic new compact hydrangea flowers emerge creamy white in mid-summer, but then change to pink and finally to strawberry red.
Finally, let blue flowering plants cheer you up. The color blue is rare in nature and because of that, blue flowering plants are very popular in gardens. Some of the summer blue flowers you can choose from include:
  • Russian Sage – This tall perennial provides a splash show of blue flowers on tall spires. It also attracts pollinators for the rest of your garden.
  • Salvia “Patio Sky Blue”- The blue spikes of this blue salvia attract hummingbirds. They like full sun and will rebloom with deadheading.
  • Dwarf Balloon Flower – These unique flowers are rounded, balloon-like, before opening to deep blue star-like blooms. The dwarf form of this hardy perennial forms a clump about 8 inches tall and 18 inches wide.
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