Pretty Pets Are Happy Pets

Some furry friends from Precious Pet Paradise stole the show today! With their fun colors and fancy trimmings it was hard to miss these pretty pets!

Precious Pet Paradise is a full service groomer that will, in addition to the normal grooming, have your pets nails trimmed and filed, and glands expressed. They use high quality special shampoos for their baths - with a gentle massage included. Gentle conditioners help your pet's coat feel soft and clean!  The spa experience is completed with a good blow-dry. Plus, if your pet gets a haircut, they will be trimmed by nationally certified groomers!
We loved that Precious Pet Paradise also offers fun services, as seen on poodle Betty White. They use pet safe semi-permanent color, spray on tattoo designs, fancy painted nails & creative grooming.

Give your pet a makeover today by visiting Precious Pet Paradise!
Located at 471 E. 200 S. American Fork on the West side of 500 East, right next to Young Family Dental.

Don't forget to check out the "Faithful Friends" painting series by Ken Corbett! Purchase something from the line and help an injured animal! The proceeds from the "Faithful Friends" series go to the Injured Animal Fund. It will pay medical bills for animals that have no financial sponsor. Your generosity and support benefits countless pets, their families, and the animals of Utah.

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