Pin of the Week: Egg Experiment

Published 07/07 2014 10:53AM

Updated 07/08 2014 09:36AM

Good Things Utah Pin of the Week: Egg Experiment

This week it has been SO HOT I thought it would be fun to an indoor activity with my kids. This fun experiment is great because it even teaches your kids a thing to do (without them even noticing!)

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Materials Needed:
  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 Jars with a lid
  • Vinegar
Transparent Egg Experiment
  • Place your UNCOOKED egg in the jar and let sit for 48 hours. You SHOULD get an egg where the shell has rubbed off and your egg is then transparent.
  • I have NO idea what happened, but my egg had the shell completely come off and float to the top of the jar and then I had myself a floating raw egg in a jar after.
  • There are several places on the internet that say this works and I am determined to make it happen so I started this experiment over again. I will keep you updated on my blog if it works out in a week!
  • Bouncing Egg Experiment
  • The bouncing egg is exactly the same as the transparent egg but this time use a BOILED egg!
  • This one worked!!!
  • How? The egg shell is made of calcium carbonate - so are your bones. Calcium makes them strong. The white vinegar is an acid. It dissolves the calcium in the egg shell. What's left?Carbon dioxide! So those tiny bubbles are full of carbon dioxide gas. Those bubbles are basically eating away the shell of the egg.
  • Underneath the shell is a tough, rubbery membrane. This isn't dissolved by the vinegar - that's why the egg yolk and white don't spill out when the shell dissolves. The membrane isn't quite waterproof so some of the vinegar seeps through it, into the egg. That's why the egg gets bigger.
  • Another thing I noticed… Although these eggs were on my counter for several days… they never went rotten!!!!!?? Not sure why!
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