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Valentines Day Boxes

Presented by: Shyloh Belnap

Valentines Day is coming and let’s be honest…. Those Classroom Valentine boxes are just as much a parents job as it is the student! I tried 2 different popular pins and thought they were both great options when YOU (I mean, your CHILD) makes their Valentines Box.

Minion Valentine Box
Here is the original pin
Items Needed:
  • Cereal Box
  • Blue tape (or blue painters tape)
  • 2 Kerr Jar Lids
  • White Paper
  • Black Paper (or a strip of black electrical tape)
  • Green Paper
  • Cut the hole where the mouth will be. Hint: Since you will be using Duck Tape to cover the box you can cut right through the top!
  • Cover the entire box with yellow Duck Tape. I had to cover it with 2 layers due to it being a little transparent!
  • Using blue tape, make some overalls
  • Attach a black strip of paper for the glasses
  • I used some Kerr Jar lids for the glasses. I just used the inside part of the lid to trace the white paper and then used a 1 1/4” circle punch and a 1/2” circle punch to make the eyeballs!
  • With white paper, just freehand cut some “bad teeth” and stick them in the mouth opening.
Monster Valentine Box
Here is the original pin
Items Needed:
  • Kleenex Box
  • Paint
  • Foam Hearts
  • Sheet of White Foam
  • Wiggly Eyes
  • Egg Carton
  • Paint your Kleenex box.
  • Add pink foam hearts (or any other shape your child likes)
  • Cut your egg carton and paint
  • Add your goggly eyes
  • Cut Teeth from your foam board and place inside the opening
  • Another fun use!
  • This box can also be used as a “tattle monster” after Valentines Day. This pin also has a darling printable you can use to tell your kids what to do!

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