Pin of the Week: Back to School Gifts for the Teacher

Can you believe it is already time to send the kids back to school? Start the year off right with a gift for your teacher on the first day. Next time you are at the store, grab these inexpensive items and add a cute personalized note to brighten up any teachers day! 

Highlighters – “You are the HIGHLIGHT of my day!”
Scissors – “You are a CUT above the rest!”
Mints – “You are MINT to be my teacher!”
Tape (or Post-It notes) – “The lessons you teach me will STICK with me forever!”
Chalk – “CHALK one up for my awesome new teacher!”
Gum – “I CHEWS you to be my teacher!”
Glue – “You’re the GLUE that holds our class together!”
Hershey’s Hugs – “You deserve lots of HUGS!”

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