New App Lets You Take & Make Better Pictures

We are so used to taking photos directly from our iPhones to document our lives. But, you can be "making" photos instead. With a new Canon app called EOS Remote App, you can wirelessly connect high value cameras like DLSRs to your iPhone or iPad and have the photos taken from your camera straight onto your apple devices. This allows you to store much better quality photos right on your iPhone and iPad. 

On the app, you can actually control some settings on the camera directly from your device. You can make clearer, high caliber photos with the use a number of different lenses and features that can only be used with a quality camera on your cellphone to share. The options to better a photo are endless on a DSLR. Now those options are available on your phone. With this accessibility to professional grade photos right from your iPhone or iPad, it's convenient for social media purposes. 

Take photos with your phone without the limits of the iPhone's camera features. Jens from Pictureline said, "The iPhone controls you, you can control this." 

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