Men's Health Month

June is Men's Health Month is to heighten the public's awareness of the many preventable health problems that affect men and boys.

More than 40 percent of men between ages 18 and 50 don’t have a primary care physician

Why do men avoid seeing their health care provider?
  • Don’t have a doctor
  • No insurance
  • Nothing is wrong, you feel good
  • Lack of time
  • You don’t want to spend the money
  • Doctors don’t do anything
  • Don’t want to hear the truth
  • Uncomfortable being examined
  • You tough it out
  • Your significant other encouraging you to get a checkup

Men’s Health Issues
  • Low testosterone is it real or not?
  • Low T symptoms: decreased energy, mood, increase in body fat
  • There’s been an increase of pharmaceutical testosterone ads and you shouldn’t be on treatments for it without consulting with your physician to get the best care.
  • A secondary issue to this is erectile dysfunction, which is important to receive the right care.

Men’s Health Tips
  • Maintain a healthy heart with diet, exercise and sleep
  • De-stress
  • Schedule a check-up

Men’s Health Clinic
  • We have a Men’s Health Center at the South Jordan Health Center that provides comprehensive care and allows a patient to see multiple specialties at one location.
  • On June 21 there will be a Men’s Health Clinic, where you or your men can schedule an appointment to come get a health checkup along with breakfast and ESPN during a one-stop medical visit.
  • Get a physical exam and tests, meet with a physical therapist and dietitian; all at once visit or call (801) 213-8803 to register.

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