Managing Energy for Success

Have you ever felt stuck and like it was impossible to get the things you want? Kim Duncan from 3 Key Elements sat down with Troy and Nicea today to talk about how to effectively manage energy in order to become more successful. 

Begin each day with intention, be aware of your emotions, and choose your results!

Live today with intention
Be intentional about your space and energy

Raise your awareness ; Make a Plan
Make a plan; navigate around disasters, don't get pulled in.

Raise your energy
Choose good fuel: use declarations, powerful food, dance

Manage Emotions
Internal (subconscious programming) takes over when we're under stress.
What we repeat over and over is programmed into the subconscious mind.

Lastly, Troy brought up his secret to achieving the things he wants—expecting success! By stopping bad thoughts, it allows you to protect your focus.

Learn more about managing energy and 3 Key Elements by visiting their website!

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