Making Plans for SLCC Fan X

Planning/maximizing your Comic Con FanXperience

Plan early, we have more than 42 celebrities attending, including:
  • o William Shatner
  • o Nathan Fillion
  • o Karl Urban
  • o Chandler Riggs
  • o Adam Baldwin
  • o Johnathan Frakes
  • o Edward James Olmos
  • o Kelly Hu
  • o Karen Gillan
  • o Brent Spiner
  • o Billy Dee Williams
  • Have a game plan for what you wan to see and prioritize the list because you probably won't get to do everything you want to do.
  • Bring cash
  • Take public transportation if possible as we do not provide parking and with the crowds downtown parking will be tough to come by
  • Check out the site and the schedule in advance.
  • Download the free Salt Lake Comic Con app.

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