Make Splash With These Mermaid Costumes

Lyndi Stanger is a 10 year old fashion designer. Like most young girls, she loved to play mermaids with her sisters. She wanted to find a costume, but quickly found that all of the swimming mermaid costumes were quite pricey. Lyndi asked her mom to help her make her very own mermaid costume. For the first costume, Lyndi's mom had to get creative--she cut the top of a Rubbermaid bucket for the fin. Then she had to figure out how to get feet to stay on the fin. Lyndi and her mother tried all kinds of material including a garden plastic rubber basket, and styrofoam. Finally they went to an inventor in Logan for Camp Chef. The inventor came up with the idea to use a thicker form of the plastic from a camping cutting board for the fin. Many different Spandex and swimsuit materials were tried out, some faded fast, others were too stretchy, but they quickly found a material that worked perfectly for the costumes. Soon, all the neighborhood girls wanted a mermaid costume.  Before long, they could not keep up with the demand.  They found a company in China that was able to make the costumes. The costumes come in mermaid styles and now a new shark fin style is for sale.

Would your child like their own mermaid or shark costume?

Click here for more information and to order.
The costumes are $35 and come in hot pink, lime green and turquoise.

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