Magical Outdoor Patio Lights

Magical outdoor patio lights add an ambiance that nothing else can. Amber Packer is here to show us how to DIY your outdoor patio lights this summer for less than 100 dollars. 

  • (5) 10 ft. metal conduit, 1” width ($7.12 each/$35.60)
  • (1) 10 ft. PVC conduit, 1 ½” width ($5.10)
  • (4) ¾” One hole conduit strap (4 pack/$0.90)
  • (4) screws, found in work bench
  • (4) 1” metal tube set screw coupling ($0.70 each/$2.80)
  • (2) Cans Valspar Anti-Rust Paint in Peacock Blue ($4.98 each/$9.96)
  • (1) Can Black matte spray paint ($4.98)
  • (3) 20 ft. Globe Lights from Target, I like clear ($14.99 set/$44.97)

  • Pipe cutter (if you don’t have one, your store can cut for you, if needed)
  • Saw
  • Screw driver
  • Drill and drill bit
  • Tarp to paint on
  • Sharpie
  • Tape Measure

Step 1: Measure, mark and cut the PVC conduit into 4 – two foot. pieces. I started with two poles and will be adding two more for a total of four poles. Paint top and set aside to dry.
Step 2: Measure, mark and cut one metal conduit into 4 - two foot pieces. I wanted my poles to be ten feet tall, so I added two feet to each pole. (When you bury two feet of a ten foot pole, the height of the pole will be eight feet. The lights naturally droop, I didn’t think 8 feet in height was enough)
Step 3: Dig a two foot deep hole for each pole and bury the PVC conduit pipe (painted side showing) level with the patio. FYI… On my patio, each pole is about 20’ apart from the nearest pole.
Step 4: Add a two foot section to each pole using a metal tube set screw coupling. Secure with a screw driver.
Step 5: Mark 2 ½” from the top of each metal pole (two foot section is the bottom).
Step 6: Pre-drill a hole where you just marked. This will require some muscle and a little patience (not too much).
Step 7: Hand screw (from the stash) a conduit strap to the top of each pole. The hook will face up.
Step 8: Lay out a paint tarp and spray all four poles in Peacock Blue. This may require more than two cans depending upon how thick the paint gets. Let dry. Tip: use old bricks to lift the poles while painting.
Step 9: Slide metal poles in buried plastic poles.
Step 10: String lights. Be careful with this step, the bulbs are glass and will break. Have a partner help. One holds the lights, the other strings them. Some people will tell you to remove the bulbs, I didn’t find that to be necessary.
Step 11: Relax and read a good book. Enjoy!

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