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Bobbi Farnsworth visited the studio to share some new and exciting products from MAC Cosmetics. From textured nail polish to never before seen seductive shades, MAC Cosmetics previewed a large variety of new products you will not want to miss.

Studio Nail Lacquer
M∙A∙C Studio Nail Lacquer combines luscious colour in three high-gloss finishes: cream, pearl and glitter. Available in 42 shades, including six new transformative topcoats and six shades debuting in our fall collection, A Novel Romance. From trendy to timeless, there’s a shade for your every mood. A brand new formula, developed without toluene, formaldehyde or DBP, and newly designed brush for smooth application.

Nail Transformations - Fusing her unique background as a former forensic scientist with a striking and innovative design sense, nail guru Marian Newman brings her unique aesthetic to M·A·C in a collection of nail lacquers and transformative topcoats designed to give nails an unexpected twist in a multitude of unique finishes, like leather and shadowing.

Studio Underlacquer - A clear gloss base coat that helps bond Studio Nail Lacquer to the nail. Guards against chipping and peeling while protecting the nail.

Liquid Pigment - Highlight and illuminate nail colour with three different sheer, pearlescent shades in pink, green or gold. Nail colour will look like it’s glowing from within.
Shadow - Give any Studio Nail Lacquer shade a smoky glow with a coat of Shadow Topcoat. Nails will shine with a moody, edgy smoked-out effect.

Highlight - Highlight and illuminate nail colour with sheer, pearlescent shades of blue. Nail colour will look like it’s glowing from within.

Matt Overlacquer - A clear top coat that will give any Studio Nail Lacquer a matte finish.

Overlacquer - Clear top coat

Texturize - Add instant texture and drama to nails by adding a Leather Topcoat layer.

M∙A∙C Studio Nail Lacquer provides rich, opaque colour in three high gloss finishes: cream, pearl and glitter. A brand new formula, developed without toluene, formaldehyde or DBP and new brush for smooth application.

All of the different nail products are $12 each.

Moody Blooms
Exotic, night-blooming flowers with a hint of danger inspire a hothouse of seductive shades. Sensual colours shroud eyes in earthy metallic Eye Shadows and lips suggest hidden motives with deep blue plum and dark berry hues of Sheen Supreme Lipstick. Bronze Powder Blush provides a final adrenaline surge before these beauties dissolve into the night.

Eye Shadow - $15.00
Lucky green - veluxe pearl
Hidden motive - veluxe pearl

Fluidline - $16.00
Black Ivy

Sheen Supreme Lipstick - $17.00
Venomous Violet

Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tint - $20.00
Glorious Intent
Simply Wow

Powder Blush - $20.00
Worldly Wealth

Check out your local MAC Cosmetics store or makeup counter to try on these new products for yourself!

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