Let the Sunshine In– Spring Cleaning with Sargent Steam

This time of year, everyone gets the urge do some Spring Cleaning. We're all thinking how good it would feel to see all our windows sparkle after being covered with layers of winter's dirt and grime. Joyce Mathie was here with some Spring Cleaning Tips.

Sargent Steam owners DO WINDOWS because steam makes them sparkle and shine almost effortlessly. Your windows have never been this clean and they stay clean longer because there is no oil based window cleaning chemical that leaves streaks and attracts dirt.

Clean those grimy screens in minutes right in the window. Never again spend all day Saturday removing the screens, scrubbing them, rinsing them off with the hose, leaving them to dry and then trying to get them back into the windows without bending them.

Finish by steaming the window with the soft brush then squeegee it dry. You now have dazzling clean windows and you haven't spent all day doing it.

We make the family automobile shine like it did when you took it off the show room floor by using this long handled, angled tool which removes the road film from the inside of your windshield. It even reaches that impossible place where the window meets the dashboard. Then take this super thirsty car-drying towel.

When you purchase your new Sargent Steam Cleaner we will give you 2 hours of FREE CLEANING! Two staff members will come to your house with two machines, stay for one hour and clean right along side you.

For the first 5 callers, Joyce will personally come and help you!  They also have a Mother’s Day special Joyce will tell you about when you call her at 1 800 SGT STEAM or visit their website www.sgtsteam.com

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