Kickstarter: Prime Swords

In the studio with Nicea and Emily today is Mark Jarmon and Tyler Richens, two cousins who have created a new kind of foam sword. They are called Prime Swords and they are unlike any foam toy you have had before. Prime Swords have cool designs, are made of durable materials, and have interchangeable parts. You can mix and match the parts however you want and create your own cool sword design with the various pieces.

The project for Prime Swords started in 2012 and have evolved since then. Each sword can be customized and they won't fall apart with just one play session. Harmon and Richens have created their own Kickstarter page where you can go and support the project. You can pledge anywhere from $1 to $1 million and help these gentlemen kick off their new foam toy experience.

For more information and to make sure you can one day play with a Prime Sword, visit the Prime Swords website and Harmon and Richens' Kickstarter webpage.

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